Aztec Healing Clay Mask Review

You can like feel your heart beat in your face it’s like big bandage. hi guys welcome or welcome back as you can see. It’s like in the process other than that nothing really new here. My skin is still drying and amazing. Anyways I am a little sick so bear with me if I’m not as energized as normal all the weather changes. It’s like snowing and it’s hot and it’s snowing again and then it’s 70 degrees the next day. It’s like really messing with my lymph nodes and all this stuff hopefully gets hot and stays hottest today. What I wouldn’t talk about what I’ve seen a lot of people talking about on YouTube recently is the Aztec secret Indian healing clay mask this is from Amazon. I think it’s usually under like ten dollars.

 indian healing clay face mask

Aztec Healing Clay Mask

Which is crazy because this is one of the things that really truly does work. This mask is amazing and I’m going to tell you why besides clean Beauty. This mask is also one of the things that have helped my skin and that I use on a consistent basis. This mask is super powerful. It’s extremely deep cleaning when you put it on. you can literally feel your face pulsating and you can feel it drawing all the toxins out of your skin. I would say if you do have sensitive skin 5 to 10 for sensitive skin and 15 to 20 for normal skin. I would not let it dry completely because this Indian healing clay mask is so freaking powerful. I’m not kidding, it will turn your face red if you leave it on too long and probably dry out your skin so just make sure that you leave it on for the propria Mountain time. I found that out my first try but this Indian healing clay is really great mixed with water or apple cider vinegar. A lot of people mix it with apple cider vinegar because ACV has so many great skin masks.

apple cider vinegar can loss weight

Apple Cider Vinegar

Properties it balances your skin’s pH. It helps to fade discoloration. Its restore is like back good bacteria on the skin which is super important not just in your body. but on your skin well so this mixed with apple cider vinegar is typically what people do and the reason why this works so well. Because it does help to pull out toxins from the body. I might have gotten this mixed up but I think this Indian clay has a negatively charged ion, whereas toxins are usually positively charged so this actually attaches itself to them and its able to draw them out of your skin which is pretty freaking insane. Also if you guys know what earthling is? I sound like a hippie. Everything is basically where your feet are touching the ground and so you’re becoming one with the earth. It’s supposed to be really great for your body. It’s supposed to have some kind of electrical charge that helps you feel much energized. I don’t know if you’ve ever walked around barefoot and then just felt like amazing after a barefoot on the sand barefoot on the grass. You know what I mean that’s what earthling is this. Same thing so this has an electrical charge when you mix it with water yeah pretty cool and then that electrical charge. You put onto your skin and then that is what helps to draw out all the toxins and not only can you put this on your skin you can take it internally as well so this has a lot of nutrients and vitamins in it as well. it can help to detox toxins not just on your skin but in your body the only thing that you have to make sure is that with this you aren’t mixing with a metal spoon or bowl because again. It is like going to have a charge to it so if you mix it with metal. It’s actually going to impact the charge and it won’t be as powerful.


I know all this sounds kind of crazy but it’s true, it’s wooed so make sure you’re using just like a wooden spoon a regular bowl. You will be good water or apple cider vinegar some people use like Rose Water

Rose water good for face

Rose Water

To a lot of people like the benefits of Earth water or you could try Witch Hazel.

with hazel water Witch Hazel

There are so many different things that you could mix it with those are just like the two most popular. I personally only use it once a week and I usually mix it with another mask as well like the chlorophyll masks from cocoa kind or the activated charcoal clay mask from vanish. I always mix it with this because I like to get some extra added benefit so that is why I add those into this but this alone again is great and with this. I found that you can use this on cystic acne which I feel like has made the biggest difference for me. If possible I would be showed my face. We put this on a pimple like a fist and it’ll help to reduce the inflammation and it’ll help to pull out the bacteria. I’ve noticed after using it my pimples actually get smaller the cystic spot will get smaller and with this. I like to do something called well obviously its called masking but I like to mask a spot and kind of smother. it like I’ll leave it on assist overnight and then rinse it off in the morning and it will literally draw all of the out and it’ll get completely flat and if it’s not completely flat, it’s definitely like reduced in size. You gotten try it. It’s good especially if you have cystic acne but this says that you can also use it for foot soak Sneer packs and insect bites which makes sense. Because it pulls out the bacteria from your face skin so why would I pull back to here from an insect bite acne body wraps and you can put this in your bath as well like. so if you ever use you know Epsom salt or mineral bath soaks this would be great to detoxify your body as well hopefully you guys learn something different from this article.


I know a lot of people have been talking about this Indian healing clay mask lately. I just wanted to put in my two cents. It worked for you, I find that it’s usually amazing for someone or it’s terrible and they feel like. it ruin their life so let me know which one it was for you. I really feel like this is probably the most powerful mask. I have it’s one of those masks guys like you can literally feel your eye this sounds weird but you can like feel your Heartbeat in your face. It’s like pulling everything out great, I love it. I’m like addicted to the feeling.

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